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New Site Builds

Michigan Towers, Inc. is a turn-key company for new site builds. We perform all tasks in-house which gives us the ability to be highly competitive and flexible for any project.

Line and Antenna Installation

Our team can effectively complete, to any standard, all line and antenna installations. We are well trained and equipped to meet all industry standards and take pride in our work.

Modifications and Maintenance

We have extensive experience in tower modifications, including welding, guy line
re-tension/replacement, foundation modifications, and water tower installations.

We offer complete site maintenance including gates, fences, grounds, grounding, quarterly inspections, annual inspections and Flash Tech and Dialight repairs.


3783 Rennie School Rd.
Traverse City, MI 49685

Mark Stevenson

(231) 357-1514

Jessica Machiela
Office Manager

(231) 620-4411

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