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Michigan Towers, Inc. is one of the up and coming premier wireless communications contractors in the Midwest. We provide a range of services from line and antenna installs, maintenance and modifications to new site builds.

Michigan Towers, Inc. is veteran-owned and has been serving the Midwest since 2015. Our crews' extensive experience and knowledge of the wireless industry enables us to efficiently diagnose and repair most any issue, minimizing system down-time and ensuring peak performance.

Our Vision

Michigan Towers Inc. goal is to provide a safe enjoyable work environment for our employees. Team members that like where they work, are safer, more productive and take a higher level of pride in their work. This translates into a safer, higher quality installation for our customers. Each team member is appreciated for what they contribute to the overall success of the project. We have created a culture of growth and development for everyone, "Train the guy next to you properly to make your job easier"! This results in safer, higher-quality installations.

Company Profile

Michigan Towers Inc. is located in Traverse City, Michigan, and our team members work and play all over Northern Michigan. We have built a reputation for delivering innovative solutions in the communications industry. Our crews take pride in continually expanding on that reputation by overcoming obstacles and providing a high quality installation.  


We pride ourselves in our commitment to our employees, safety and our longstanding client relationships built through years of outstanding quality and integrity.


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