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New Site Builds

We provide turn-key service for New Site Builds. Our in-house crews excavate, tie rebar, pour concrete, backfill, stack the tower install grounding and conduits. We have extensive experience in all types and aspects of new tower construction.

Tower Modifications and Maintenance

We have a wide range of experience in all types and aspects of tower maintenance, structural modifications and tower decommissions. In addition, we have performed plumb and tension and installed multiple structural modifications on all types of towers to ensure proper load-bearing.

Line and Antenna Installation

We have the experience to efficiently install all types of antennas, coax, TMA’s, diplexers, power, fiber and RET systems. To ensure proper installation and functionality, we will sweep and/or PIM all equipment.

Grounds Keeping

Michigan Towers, Inc. also provides site maintenance. We repair gates, fences access roads, ground rings and compounds. We also clear guy paths and brush, remove trees that threaten the sites integrity.

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